Stay strong Sir Alex!

As most of you will have already heard, Sir Alex Ferguson is currently in intensive care in hospital after suffering a haemorrhagic stroke just two days ago.

A Haemorrhagic stroke is classed as a bleeding on the brain and it is the least common type of stroke out of the two main types, accounting for only 15% of stroke in the UK, whilst Ischaemic stroke makes up the other 85%.

This just shows that stroke doesn’t care about fame or success and also in other cases such as me and Lee, if you are in full health and young and able. It can happen to absolutely anyone at any point in life. Stroke can be so cruel, but as you know, we are survivors of stroke and we never give up!

The footballing legend is the greatest manager ever and one of my great idols as a Manchester United fan myself. He has shown throughout the years that he is a fighter and that he has that never give up attitude, and he is a survivor, so we hope he can pull through and beat stroke. Sending best wishes to him and his family!

#SOSHereForYou #NeverGiveUp

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