Stay strong Sir Alex!

As most of you will have already heard, Sir Alex Ferguson is currently in intensive care in hospital after suffering a haemorrhagic stroke just two days ago.

A Haemorrhagic stroke is classed as a bleeding on the brain and it is the least common type of stroke out of the two main types, accounting for only 15% of stroke in the UK, whilst Ischaemic stroke makes up the other 85%.

This just shows that stroke doesn’t care about fame or success and also in other cases such as me and Lee, if you are in full health and young and able. It can happen to absolutely anyone at any point in life. Stroke can be so cruel, but as you know, we are survivors of stroke and we never give up!

The footballing legend is the greatest manager ever and one of my great idols as a Manchester United fan myself. He has shown throughout the years that he is a fighter and that he has that never give up attitude, and he is a survivor, so we hope he can pull through and beat stroke. Sending best wishes to him and his family!

#SOSHereForYou #NeverGiveUp

Humbled and inspired by the Stroke Association

Upon completing the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run back in March, I set about collecting up all of the money I fundraised for the charity.

Over a month later I have gathered it all up and sent it off, with a grand total of £1465 raised. I am so pleased and couldn’t have done it without everybody who helped me, shared the word and added to the total. I have now received a letter from the Stroke Association (above) thanking me for my fundraising and it really puts things into perspective that when you fundraise you really are helping others!

“We received a total of £1465 from your Resolution Run fundraising and we value every penny. The money you raised will be spent by the Stroke Association to provide vital local and national services for people affected by stroke.

Stroke strikes EVERY FIVE MINUTES and is the leading cause of disability in the UK! For many stroke survivors, getting their life back means overcoming life changing disabilities and emotional difficulties.

Thanks to your fundraising, we can help more stroke survivors regain their independence.”

I just wanted to share this letter as it really humbled me and inspired me, knowing the good that this money will do and all that it will help! If you have any spare change it would be so gratefully appreciated if you could head to our donation page and donate to one of our chosen charities.

They deserve it, for the amazing work that they are doing. I can’t stress enough. Thank you so much.



AF (Atrial Fibrillation)

AF is caused by an irregular rhythm of the heart, this is caused by the heart not pumping blood through properly, if the blood doesn’t move quickly or smoothly enough, this can lead to blood clots resulting in stroke.

Every 18 minutes in the UK, somebody suffers an AF-related stroke, that’s around 30,000 AF related strokes EACH YEAR.

Around 1.3 million people in the UK, have been diagnosed with having Atrial Fibrillation (AF) & that number keeps on rising.

When a person has suffered a stroke, your doctor/hospital consultant may prescribe you Anti-Coagulant medication. These are used to thin your blood, greatly reducing the risk of suffering further strokes. Even if you haven’t had a stroke, a doctor may still prescribe anti-coagulants, if you have been diagnosed with having Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

#SOSHereForYou #NeverGiveUp

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