SOS- Survivors of Stroke is not a registered charity, but we would still like to ask for donations to the major Stroke charities such as Stroke Association, Different Strokes and The British Heart Foundation.

Ashley has recently completed a fundraiser where he raised nearly £1500 for the Stroke Association doing the Resolution Run, and Lee is planning to start his own fundraising journey soon, we will update you on this as and when it happens.

Any amount donated to these organisations would mean the world to us as stroke survivors, because these charities do amazing work and research, and the money does a lot of good towards helping stroke survivors and looking for a cure, or reducing the effects of it. As we have been through strokes before and are now proud stroke survivors, we really want to give back and help others that were less fortunate than us. One huge way that this can be done is by donating. Below are links to each of our chosen charities to go to donate:

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Donate here 

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Donate here

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Donate here

Thank you so much.